Justin Keith, a birdseye view

When my wife first started her photography business, little did I know that it would lead me to become her trusty aerial accomplice. What began as a hobby quickly transformed into something more as I found myself following her around on photoshoots with my drone in tow. As she worked her magic capturing precious moments for her clients, I would soar high above, capturing breathtaking aerial photos and videos of both her and the subjects she was photographing. It was an exhilarating experience, blending my passion for photography and the thrill of piloting a drone, all while supporting my wife's creative endeavors.

Driven by the desire to further enhance my aerial photography skills and take our collaborative efforts to new heights, I decided to formalize my drone flying abilities. I embarked on a journey to become Part 107 Certified for Commercial Drone Flight. Studying diligently and immersing myself in the world of regulations and best practices, I successfully passed the remote pilots exam. With my Part 107 certification in hand, I gained the necessary knowledge and credentials to operate my drone in a professional capacity, opening doors to new opportunities and expanding the horizons of our photography business. From that point forward, I became not only a passionate partner supporting my wife's photography ventures but also a certified remote pilot, ready to capture captivating imagery from above.

Engagement Behind the scenes

The curtis farm

An Eye in the Sky