June 10, 2023

The Nisly's were the first couple to take a chance on us to Photograph their entire wedding day. Their beautiful ceremony took place west of Salina Kansas at an event venue out amongst the wheat and corn. We were with the couple from hair in the early morning to a gorgeous stormy sunset that night.

Wyatt and Kenzie snider July 15, 2023

High school sweethearts, Wyatt and Kenzie have literally been together as long as anyone can remember. It was such an honor to meet these kind souls as we documented their beautiful day. The details were simple and elegant, the ceremony so tender and sweet. And let me tell you about the FOOD!!!! .... Chef's Kiss!!!!

Merton and Felicia taking golden hour photos in a Soybean field, Macon County Missouri

Merton and Felicia Malloy september 9, 2023

When my sweet cousin asked me if we would photograph her wedding, I almost fell in the floor! UM, YESSSSSSS!!!! Absolutely, yes! Of course, YES!! It was just like old times in a lot of ways, but this reunion was one of epic proportions. I had not really been home enough to see Felicia for years, and when I did It was always something like Grandma's Funeral that threw us back together. We had been sharing old family photos back and forth since Grandma's passing, and it's been wonderful to let this "grown up" relationship blossom! When I found out she was getting married to Mert from down the road (back home in Missouri) I could not have been more elated!! We made the trip all the way back home so that we could celebrate and capture their fun day at Young's Lodge on the Chariton. I got to hug cousins I had not seen in probably 40 years! It was such a special day for me-on their special day!!

Jordan and Rae West September 29, 2023

Not all weddings are alike. Obviously. But it's a refreshing notion that when two people love one another, a courthouse wedding is just as effective for getting hitched as a preacher and a ceremony! Earlier on this day Rae and Jordan did just that, they went down to Pratt County Courthouse and got married. Just the two of them. Jordan's sweet Aunt wanted them to have a little celebration on their wedding day, and so they had a tiny reception. Down at the family "sand pit" with a gorgeous sunset, perfect (ly windy) weather, and just those that were closest to them. We took photos of the bride and groom and their pupper kids, family photos, ate a delicious dinner, had some cake and even a little dancing! Who says you have to wear white!!