Literally, one of the best days ever...

Was when I hauled my family back to south Missouri for a crazy 48 hour trip to photograph one of my very best friends and her surprise pregnancy. The shock and excitement and overall WOW of her pregnancy made for a most joyful visit.

Those who know me know that we struggled to get pregnant. We had been married 8 years when our daughter finally came along and I delivered her when I was 32 years old. And the second greatest shock of our lives was when we discovered we were pregnant again (with our son) only 16 short months later. During those long years waiting, crying, hoping, wading through the disappointment rage and sadness, my friend was right by my side. And even after we were blessed to start our family-she was still by my side. I think it's safe to say-for her and her husband the "ship" had sailed.

And then... this miracle happened.

So here I am-seeking more mommas

To do this again!

I am holding fast and true to "this is the year we go all out" and I need to add more maternity, infants, milestones, cake smashes, and even (gasp) a birth to my portfolio!

If you are looking to capture this moment in your motherhood journey-and I seriously reccommend you do, I need some models! Drop me a DM, send me an email, Call Me, please get in touch. We can work out a model call where we waive the setting fee and you receive free photos in exchange for your images to add to my portfolio.

And now for the pep talk.

I know your swollen and tired and feel... large. It's maybe not as glorious as they all said it would be, or as the instagram models made it look.

But, from my experience, letting that stop me from taking photos of that miracle growing in my belly was regrettable. I have one photo, from when I was pregnant with my son, of my bare belly pregnant and I absolutely treasure it, and wish I had others to share with my children now that they "understand" the process of being in mommas belly. I have to most fleeting memories of both of their births, and as the years pass by they become fainter and fainter.

So... Any takers?